What we specialise atcommodity

If you are a buyer (end user, intermediary, government) or a seller (manufacturers, owner, government) we can advise and facilitate in the following areas internationally on your behalf to

A. Market your commodity i.e. finding a buyer
B. Procure materials i.e. Finding a seller who is willing to sell it at your target price
C. Raising Finance for trade i.e. arranging finance to buy or satisfy an order
D. Facilitation i.e. introduction to any specific service providers like insurance, logistics management, ExIm documentation , international tax, VAT, language barriers see also our International Business Development support

Current products we can source
Sugar, Rice, Coffee, Tea, Cashew, Cement, Cocoa, Coal, Gold, Diamond, Scrap Steel – HMS1 & 2, Oil & Gas – LNG, LPG, D2, Mazut, JP54, Crude oil and Fertilizers

This list is dynamic, varies frequently based on market conditions and contact us directly if you are looking for something specific.

How we do it?
We don’t buy leads or fish in the internet, all enquiries a generated only through recommendations. Transparency & trust is at the core of our facilitation process. We deal directly with the senior management, buying / procurement teams and only through prior mandates or authorisations. All transactions are handled professionally by an experienced team in trade facilitation. The whole process will be managed in a cost effective way achieving both peace of mind and commercial objectives for the client.

To discuss how effectively you wish to source or sell your commodities Contact us on +44 (0) 2079 936 179 or Email info@prowance.com